managing committee
Anup Bajaj - LA00084 President & Member-in-Charge, Building, Books Sub-Committee Roop. R. Goklaney - PR00220 Vice President & Member-in-Charge, Bar Sub-Committee H. S. Srikanth - LS00203 Hon.Secretary Mr. Stuart Clarke - PS00529 Hon.Treasurer Bhaskar.S - LB00033 Member-in-Charge Guest Quarters Sub-Committee Rajnikanth.S - PR00345 Member-in-Charge Entertainment Sub-Committee Govinda B. Thakural - PG00120 Member-in-Charge Cards Sub-Committee Jaikumar. R  - LJ00046 Member-in-Charge Finance Sub-Committee Arun D.P - PA00268 Member-in-Charge Billiards & Table Tennis Sub-Committee Nawab Marzia Begum - PN00264 Member-in-Charge Badminton & Squash Sub-Committee Tarun I Kripalani - PT00047 Member-in-Charge Swimming Pool & Health Club Sub-Committee Sandeep.S - PS00619 Member-in-Charge Catering Sub-Committee Suresh Rao B.P. - PS00530 Member-in-Charge Badminton & Squash Sub-Committee
about Bowring
Bowring Institute was founded in 1868 by B.L.Rice CIE, Director of Public Instruction, Mysore and author of the Mysore Gazette and other works on Mysore State and not L.B.Bowring after whom it was named. Rice was the founder president, who with a group of philanthropists like P.N.Krishnamurthi esq, B.L.Jagirdar of Yelandur and Rao Bahadur A Narainswamy Mudaliar started the Bangalore Literary and Scientific Institute. Bowring Institute has the first ISO 9001-2000 recognition and boasts of a membership nearing 5000, which comprises of Honorary Life, Life & Permanent members in addition to Corporate, Life Associate, Associate, Long Term Temporary, Short Term Temporary and Non Resident Members. Bowring Institute is affiliated to around 82 clubs across the country and abroad. What began as a modest spattering of guest room was soon envisaged as a potential would play host to many of the member's guests visiting the city. Today the institute has a total of 60 guest rooms, catering to various categories and class. The luxurious Presidential Suites are 6 in number followed by twelve cottages for families. There are 34 air-conditioned rooms and 8 non-air- conditioned rooms with reasonably priced tariff. The guest rooms are the biggest attraction and the average occupancy rate stands at 98% almost throughtout the year. The Club continues to grow under the able guidance of the managing committee and the plans for the new ventures and developments are on ongoing process as the ISO encourages it to look ahead and ensure that the graph towards progress is steadily rising.
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