Bowring - Family History & Genealogy Message Board 2018-09-29 09:21:46Z Bowring - Family History & Genealogy Message Board 175 38 Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/ I too have been fascinated reading these boards and like you am only distantly related<br>to the Bowrings.<br><br>The Reverend Thomas Lane b. 1726 Glos, UK is my 6 x Great Uncle, his sister Freke Dorothy Flock LANE b. 1730 Gloucester, is my 5 x Great Grandmother. 2018-09-29 09:21:46Z inahaystack /surnames.bowring/ Re: The Bowring Link to Odiarne Coates Lane /surnames.bowring/ Anybody know when and where Hylton and Jenny were married. I think they would have been married about 1916. I wasn't able to turn up anything at the Royal BC Museum website, nor at (Kanas records). 2016-12-22 21:19:40Z Reord1 /surnames.bowring/ Re: John Tremayne Lane's Family Tree Chart /surnames.bowring/ Hello Lucinda,<br><br>I have sent you an Ancestry message similar to the following about by John Tremayne Lane's chart . There I said I would place the message within the Bowring Link message board thread, so here is the message:<br><br>I have read your Bowring- and Lane- related posts on the Ancestry message boards and I realize you might not often read your Ancestry mail. Nonetheless it occurs to me that we may be able help each other, since we both have access to the information that JTL provided over 100 years ago. <br><br>I only have photocopied bits of the tree (and also Odiarne Coates Lane's autobiography). I believe the original was in pencil and may have been copied in pencil and distributed to a few family members living in JTL's day.<br><br>My copies have bits that seem to be cut off and I wonder if you have parts of the tree which might be cut off too? Or maybe you have the whole thing. I believe mine came with 1 or 2 sheets that have the Lane crest, reference April of 1906, JTL, say "Extracted at Ilfracomb" and were for OWDL/OWL (Odiarne William Decimus Lane).<br><br>I would like to propose that we do an email exchange in which we exchange scans and notes of our bits of the Lane tree to further each other's info and perhaps determine the full size of JTL's original tree. I realize this may require effort on your part in terms of scanning many individual pieces of paper and writing back and forth. I hope you have access to equipment to do so. <br><br>If this is possible and you are willing to exchange scans, please let me know. Please email me at " r e o r d @ m s n . c o m ". (Ignore the spaces.)<br><br>Thank you very much for your time!<br><br>Your cousin in Seattle, USA.<br><br>John James 2016-07-20 02:12:54Z Reord1 /surnames.bowring/ Re: The Bowring Link to Odiarne Coates Lane /surnames.bowring/ Lucinda,<br><br>I have a copy of a chart of the Lane family tree which includes all the antecedents you mention in your 13 Nov 2007 post. (It also includes his descendants). I believe it was originally created by John Tremayne Lane (my g g grandfather).<br><br>I am currently researching Elizabeth Jane and Bennett Jane. My copy of the chart specifies only that OCL's mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Bennett Jane of Helston, with no further details. This chart usually gives some vital stats for each person, often siting "P.R." (Parish Register). So it was unusual for my g g grandfather not to mention any further details...<br><br>Do you perhaps have more info on Elizabeth and/or Bennett Jane? I'm wondering if the list you mention in your post is a copy similar to mine of the Lane tree chart, by John Tremayne Lane?<br><br>FYI: Though the chart doesn't actually say that he authored it, I believe I have enough evidence to back up that claim, nonetheless. I can share that info in a later post if it would help, but feel it might be too much for this short query.<br><br>Thank you!<br><br>John James 2016-01-07 21:32:01Z Reord1 /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ This Charles Bowring (Bowering on his marriage certificate) was my great great grandfather through his son Charles Edmund Bowring, his son Charles Bernard Bowring to John Leopold Bowring who was my father. I'm Jennifer Anne Cuthbert nee Bowring.<br>I haven't found much of Charles before his marriage.<br>His wife Elizabeth Pittard's family also emigrated to Victoria, Australia 2015-07-29 04:11:13Z jencuth49 /surnames.bowring/ Harold H. Bowring Jr. of Chicago, IL 1943 /surnames.bowring/46/mb.ashx Harold is pictured in the 43-H class yearbook of Brooks Field in San Antonio. He is a flight cadet. I'm not kin but thought it might help someone researching this family. 2015-05-01 04:21:37Z drbrownlee /surnames.bowring/46/mb.ashx Re: Bowering Tree /surnames.bowring/26.8/mb.ashx Hi<br>I appreciate that you originally sent this message many years ago! however, if you are still able, i would really appreciate if I could get a copy of this family tree. I am researching my husbands tree, and he is a great grandson of Emily Jane Bowring (married Cooke) who was a daughter of Andrew Bowring. Many thanks for your help with this, i can be contacted on <a href="mailto://"></a><br>Michelle 2015-04-12 21:20:41Z michecooke /surnames.bowring/26.8/mb.ashx John Paull Bowring /surnames.bowring/45/mb.ashx My GG Grandfather was John Paull Bowring. Believed born Somerset 5 Feb 1814, died Collingwood, Australia 7 Sept 1878.Married Mary Pushman in St Helier, Jersey. (I am descendeded from William Bowring, first child of his second marriage [In 1852 to Elizabeth Prout.])<br><br>Looking for any birth records of John Paull Bowring or anything regarding his move from Somerset to St Helier.<br><br>Thanks in advance, Graham Bowring (Melbourne, Australia) 2014-12-31 00:41:03Z gbowring146 /surnames.bowring/45/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/19.3.3/mb.ashx My husbands farther is Paul Bowring who is son of Philip f Bowring who is the son of Philip Francis Bowring..son of lewin Bentham Bowring. Please feel free to email me <a href="mailto://"></a> 2014-11-09 18:32:17Z Carlatredwell /surnames.bowring/19.3.3/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ Probably the confusion is because she actually states Margaret Harvey is married to Thomas William Beakbane not Arthur Bowring? Also she mentions their daughter Margaret Beakbane marries Arthur Bowring.<br><br>regards<br>Mike 2014-06-30 05:13:04Z michael_sharpe /surnames.bowring/ Re: Odiarne Coates Lane /surnames.bowring/ Thank you for sharing your g-grandfather's tree with me. I think it is a wonderful thing to have. I have an old family bible that No One wrote any names or dates in ...ughh. 2014-06-07 14:29:30Z TerriCasteel /surnames.bowring/ Re: The Bowring Link to Odiarne Coates Lane /surnames.bowring/ Theresa,<br><br>I don't have any more formal records than the attached short tree. I believe it was created in 1906 by John Tremayne Lane (my g g grandfather) who was Treasurer of Bristol for 40 years. It is associated with a much larger (Lane) tree that I have often found to be accurate.<br><br>I too wish we had better records for our more ancient kin!<br><br>Hope this helps!<br><br>John 2014-05-26 01:50:48Z Reord1 /surnames.bowring/ Joseph Bowring, Staffordshire, England /surnames.bowring/44/mb.ashx Hi everyone, I am looking for Joseph Bowring, who was born in Staffordshire, England about 1790, His wife name was Mary Horam and they were married 24 Jan 1825 Colwich, Staffordshire, England (source England Marriages 1538–1973 familysearch.) Could anyone help me.<br> Thank you<br>Kathleen Killgallon Newberry Email address <a href="mailto://KEKILLGALLON@AOL.COM">KEKILLGALLON@AOL.COM</a> 2014-04-27 20:21:07Z KEKILLGALLON /surnames.bowring/44/mb.ashx Percival Arthur Bowring, Hamshire.. son of Herbert Bowring /surnames.bowring/43/mb.ashx Would appreciate hearing from anyone related to these Bowrings.<br><br>Percival/Percy born April 1880, died April 8, 1942 (?) 2013-11-02 23:59:20Z khaskitt /surnames.bowring/43/mb.ashx George Edward Bowring/Kathleen Tyte Family /surnames.bowring/42/mb.ashx Hi,<br><br>Is or has anyone followed this family line. I descend from the Tyte family and may have photos of interest. I specifically have one signed Yours Sincerely Kathleen but unfortunately I have two Kathleen Tytes in my tree so would love to be able to positively identify her.<br><br>Many thanks<br><br>Eve<br><br> 2013-10-06 16:01:59Z eve1626 /surnames.bowring/42/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ This Charles Bowring b. about 1830 (spelt Bowering on his marriage certificate) is my great great grandfather. I'm descended through Charles Edmund Bowring 1861-1924, Charles Bernard Bowring 1890-1965 &amp; John Leopold Bowring 1923-1992 who was my father. 2013-09-08 13:08:07Z jencuth49 /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/19.1.3/mb.ashx Regarding Arthur Bowring who married Margaret Harvey - Patricia Sparacino has written that he was son of John, son of Benjamin, son of Nathaniel. However the dates don't work and I believe that he was grandson of John, son of Benjamin, son of Nathaniel, but if so then who is the missing generation?<br><br>Can anyone help, please?<br><br>Many thanks,<br>Caspar<br> 2013-02-06 21:57:36Z caspar99 /surnames.bowring/19.1.3/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ A little on Victor Henry Bowring can be found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> under Hanbury<br><br>HTH<br>Caspar 2013-02-06 18:32:18Z caspar99 /surnames.bowring/ Re: Charles Bowring- Lusitania survivor /surnames.bowring/8.1.2/mb.ashx Hi Don,<br>I have discovered an ancestor of mine who may be closely related to this man on your list: <br><br>32. Benjamin Bowring b. 24 Jan 1710, Holy Trinity, Exeter, Devon, England, occupation Serge Maker, m. 25 Feb 1735, in St Peters Cathedral Church, Exeter, Elizabeth Drewe, b. Abt 1712-14, The Close, Exeter, Devon, England, d. 1775. Benjamin died 1775-1776.<br><br>Mine is John Bowering, of Wellington, a serge maker, who died in 1777. John Bowering went bankrupt, and there are records about him in the British National Archives (and available online). He married Hannah Bryant and had at least two children, Caleb Bryant Bowering and Samuel Bowering, who both came to America.<br><br>I would love to know if you have any information about John Bowering or his family.<br><br>For the record, the Caleb Bryant Bowering married Maria Stites of New York and was the father of Eliza Bowring (1808-1844), who married Isaac Purdy Quick, of Westchester, NY.<br><br>Thanks, <br>Andrew Trotter<br>Washington, DC 2013-02-05 19:41:46Z aft41 /surnames.bowring/8.1.2/mb.ashx Re: Children of Rev. Albert Grant Lane Middle-Surnames /surnames.bowring/40.2/mb.ashx Just thought I should add that Francis' second name was Spernon, his grandmother's mothers family name.<br><br>The visits to Australia were to stay with their Uncle, Henry Wills Lane. Both my great Uncles emmigrated to Australia in the 1920s and were found employment by their Uncle Henry. 2013-01-12 22:31:30Z lucindafouch /surnames.bowring/40.2/mb.ashx Re: Children of Rev. Albert Grant Lane Middle-Surnames /surnames.bowring/40.1/mb.ashx Your query regarding the middle names of Reverend Grant Lane's children is explained, I believe, by the Lane family tradition of incorporating the mother's maiden name or in certain cases the names of their ancestors. My great grandfather's name was Maynard (see Sir John Maynard 1602-1690) Henley (see Sir Charles Henley) Bowring (see sir John Bowring) Lane (see Odiarne Coates Bowring Lane). My great grandfather preferred to be known as John, he found the whole thing quite ridiculous. Rev'd John Grant had been a relative and the Prebeddary of Rochester, Kent.<br><br>I find the use of other family names extremely useful as it can often confirm that it is a relative. So pleased to make your acquaintance. 2013-01-12 22:20:57Z lucindafouch /surnames.bowring/40.1/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ 1_mscott25 wrote:<br><br>&lt;&lt; iii. Algernon Cunliffe Bowring b.1859<br><br>***<br><br>Algernon Cunliffe Bowring died on 27 Oct 1954 at 30, Eaton Place, London SW1 (Times, 29 10 54).<br><br>He does not appear to have ever been married, and seems to have had close links with the Catholic Church and the Vatican - e.g., <a href="[1926]%20-%20ocr.pdf" target="_blank">[1926...</a>, pg 31 - some explanation of these terms here - <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ). 2013-01-12 15:41:44Z jesherel /surnames.bowring/ Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/9.24.2/mb.ashx Hi. I am looking for a connection between Sir John Bowring and my ancestor Caleb Bryant Bowering (1770-1810), a son of John Bowering of Wellington, England. John Bowering, a serge-maker, went bankrupt and died in 1777; his records are in the British National Archives.<br><br>I think there is a connection because my mother inherited a locket with a miniature painting of Sir John Bowring, as a boy, with a lock of hair in the back. With it came two miniatures of "Lord Weymouth" and "Lady Weymouth."<br><br>Allowing the possibility that the pictures might be wrongly identified, that raises the question of whether Sir John was related to a Lord and Lady Weymouth. 2013-01-09 23:44:04Z aft41 /surnames.bowring/9.24.2/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/19.3.2/mb.ashx I am at present writing a biography of Sir John Bowring, Edgar's father. It is primarily focused on his political and literay career not his family but Edgar does enter into it -- as does Sarah Cubitt daughter of the builder of Cubitt town in London -- so any photos or correspondence relating to his father would be of interest. There is of course much correspondence between Edgar and his father in the Rylands Library in Manchester but anything addtional would be valuable.<br><br>FYI I am descended from the other side of the family -- Benjamin, cousin and Exeter contemporary of John who migrated to Newfoundland and then moved his business, which became CT Bowring, to Liverpool.<br><br>I am a grandson of Arthur Bowring whose name appears elsewhere in this correspondence. I live in Hongkong as does another grandson, also Arthur, the second son of Thomas who married Patty Schuyler.<br><br> 2012-11-07 16:12:06Z PhilipBowring /surnames.bowring/19.3.2/mb.ashx Re: The Bowring Link to Odiarne Coates Lane /surnames.bowring/ Do you have sources for the birth and death dates of Thomas Odiarne? I only see references to other trees and those trees just continue to reference each other...<br>thank you,<br>theresa 2012-10-13 19:12:57Z TerriCasteel /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ Hi Yvonne<br><br>I think your Charles Bowring went to the West Indies with Elizabeth and died in 1888 age 60, Northcote Victoria Australia which is why you may have trouble finding him. The Bowrings are well know for changing their names to their wifes as well for some reason.<br>They either went to India, Australia or Newfoundlound. 2012-07-05 19:31:19Z kimberly_bowring /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ Hi Yvonne<br><br>I have lots of info, but ended up getting really confused so gave up in the end, if you want to email directly <a href="mailto://"></a> can send you what I have. 2012-07-04 14:00:49Z kimberly_bowring /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ If your information is from the book Beakbane of Lancaster, then unfortunately the information is incorrect. Thomas William Beakbane and Margaret Harvey had two daughters - Margaret, born in 1887 and Manzanita, born in 1889. Margaret married Arthur Bowring and they had 4 sons. Thomas, the oldest, married Patricia Schuyler (my mother's younger sister) and they had the 5 children you list (except that James' middle name is spelled Livingston). Manzanita first married Hubert Bell Allen, with whom she had 4 sons (one of them being my father) and a daughter. When Hubert died, Manzanita married his youngest brother, Bernard Gabriel, and they had 1 daughter.<br>With thanks,<br>Pat Sparacino 2012-07-02 19:32:01Z PatSparacino /surnames.bowring/ Bowring in Dorset /surnames.bowring/41/mb.ashx I have discovered only in the last few days that I have Bowring ancestry in Dorset. However, all of the posts I have read about Bowrings in Dorset have been around Dorchester and the more Western end of the County. Mine are in and around Horton which is East Dorset. I am looking quite a long way back as the "latest" record in my family tree relating to a Bowring is the marriage of Sarah Bowring of Horton to John Newman of Chalbury 2nd April 1706. Their daughter Sarah married Charles Makrell in Wimborne Minster.<br><br>Don't know if anyone else has any connection to these Bowrings, Newmans or Makrells.<br><br>Lindsey 2012-06-04 15:48:06Z lindseyHD /surnames.bowring/41/mb.ashx Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/9.26/mb.ashx Hi,<br><br>Did Leonard have a son called Raymond, if so I believe he was cousin to my father, Hubert Stanley Wilfred Bowring born 16 Dec 1919 Ringwood, Hampshire, UK.<br>He was son of James Joseph Stroud Bowring born 1891 Puddletown, Dorset, UK.<br><br>Regards<br><br>E C Bowring (Ted) 2012-05-07 09:38:21Z tedandkath2 /surnames.bowring/9.26/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ I have a Charles Bowring b.1828/31 Bristol married Elizabeth Pittard 1854 St,James,Bristol.Pittard is ok to find our but Charles Bowring (bootmaker) I can't seem to find out very much at all. They had 2 small Children and they passed not long after arriving in Geelong, Victoria. Charles and Elizabeth then went on to have 11 more children. 1 of them being my g.father Ernest. b.1866, but Charles is a mystery as I can't seem to find out anything at all. Has someone got this Charles in there tree.? 2012-05-04 07:35:29Z yvonnejohnson48 /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/19.3.1/mb.ashx Hello - we have found out quite a lot of information about Victor Henry Bowring (later Bowring-Hanbury) who was Edgar Alfred Bowring's youngest child by his 2nd marriage to Ellen Cubitt. It would be great to see a photo of Edgar and i could send you any info we have unearthed! Victor is listed on the Plantagenent Roll of the Blood Royal etc. Good luck with the jigsaw - best wishes - may<br>P.S: my email is: <a href="mailto://"></a> 2012-05-03 14:11:30Z 1_mscott25 /surnames.bowring/19.3.1/mb.ashx Children of Rev. Albert Grant Lane Middle-Surnames /surnames.bowring/40/mb.ashx I am an American and the children I'm interwested in would all be my 1st cousins 3 times removed. I'm intersted in the question of how it is that all of the 3 children that lived into adulthood ended up with "Grant-Lane" as thier surnames as opposed to simply "Lane". <br><br>All four of AGL's children were given the name "Grant" as a middle-name, but (apparently) later the 3 adults added a hyphen between the middle and surnames:<br><br>Horace M Grant-Lane (1870-1945)<br><br>Evangeline Agnes Grant Lane (1872-1872)<br><br>Francis S E Grant-Lane (1874-1964)<br><br>Cyril George O Grant-Lane (1875-1948)<br><br>Horace, Francis, and Cyril all either emigrated or traveled much to Australia. I'm guessing that this incorporation of middle with the surname might be (or might have been) something to do with how the Australian legal system processes emigrees and longer term travelers.<br><br>Or perhaps it has to do with Australian middle-naming traditions--but I'm a little dubious of this sor of explanation, since I'm talking about adults. <br><br>Can anyone enlighten me on this middle/surname question? <br><br>Many thanks in advance!<br><br>John James 2012-02-16 15:14:39Z Reord1 /surnames.bowring/40/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ Does anyone know anymore about: Victor Henry Bowring, born 26 March, bapt. at St. Mary Magdalen's, Munster Square, 28 April 1867 to parents: Edgar Alfred Bowring and Sophia (nee Cubitt) Edgar married, firstly, May 12, 1853, Sophia, daughter of Thomas Cubitt of Denbies, in the county of Surrey, who died September 4, 1857<br>Victor is 4th child of Edgar Alfred Bowring. b.1826 d.1911 <br>i. Edgar Francis Bowring b.1854<br>ii. Margaret Sophia<br>iii. Algernon Cunliffe Bowring b.1859<br>iv. Victor Henry Bowring b.1867<br>Victor’s Grandfather on dad Edgar’s side was Sir John Bowring who died in 1872) <br>He married Robert Hanbury MPs widow and they lived for some time at Ilam Hall in Derbyshire. THANK YOU for any help! 2012-01-21 15:41:39Z 1_mscott25 /surnames.bowring/ Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/ Does anyone know anymore about: Victor Henry Bowring, born 26 March, bapt. at St. Mary Magdalen's, Munster Square, 28 April 1867 to parents: Edgar Alfred Bowring and Sophia (nee Cubitt) Edgar married, firstly, May 12, 1853, Sophia, daughter of Thomas Cubitt of Denbies, in the county of Surrey, who died September 4, 1857<br>Victor is 4th child of Edgar Alfred Bowring. b.1826 d.1911 <br>i. Edgar Francis Bowring b.1854<br>ii. Margaret Sophia<br>iii. Algernon Cunliffe Bowring b.1859<br>iv. Victor Henry Bowring b.1867<br>Victor’s Grandfather on dad Edgar’s side was Sir John Bowring who died in 1872) <br>He married Robert Hanbury MPs widow and they lived for some time at Ilam Hall in Derbyshire. THANK YOU for any help! 2012-01-21 15:41:07Z 1_mscott25 /surnames.bowring/ Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/9.25/mb.ashx Hello,<br><br>My father Hubert Stanley Wilfred Bowring, son of James Joseph Stroud Bowring, told me of a cousin of his in St Catherines whose name was Raymond Bowring???<br><br>Regards<br><br>Edwin Charles Bowring 2011-09-11 13:47:40Z tedandkath2 /surnames.bowring/9.25/mb.ashx Stanley A Brown Entry /surnames.bowring/39/mb.ashx I found a green leaf entry for Stanley Albert Brown on my family tree, I traced it to the Bowring Family tree (owner: kt807blue). I attempted to contact Kt but it wouldnt let me so I thought I would try on the message board.<br><br>Stanley Albert Brown was my grandfather so I have a heap of info on him if any are interested, my email is <a href="mailto://"></a> if you would like to contact me. 2011-02-11 03:32:07Z GaiPat /surnames.bowring/39/mb.ashx Re: LANE - Australia /surnames.bowring/ Lucinda,<br><br>Have tried your e-mail address using both and as you wrote Both unsuccessful, please send e-mail to <a href="mailto://"></a><br><br>Andrew 2010-10-07 00:39:25Z steela11 /surnames.bowring/ Re: LANE - Australia /surnames.bowring/ Hi Andrew, I am no longer a member of and my membership to genesreunited often lapses. I am fascinated but not always particularly diligent with my research, so please do not raise your hopes/expectations too high!! I would be pleased to correspond with you and do have a fair amount of information on the Lane family, courtesy of a great great uncle John Tremayne Lane (Henry Wills Lane's brother). My e-mail address is <a href="mailto://"></a>. <br><br>Regards<br><br>Lucinda 2010-10-06 09:30:43Z LucindaFouch20 /surnames.bowring/ Re: LANE - Australia /surnames.bowring/ Hi Lucinda,<br><br>Thrilled to receive your reply.<br><br>Octavius Steel was my grandfather. Our family name of Steel is usually spelt without a suffix "e" but of course many documents do not make the distinction. A concise version of the Steel family tree can be found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>My first cousin is responsible for that research and it travels back to my GGG Grandfather, if you are interested.<br><br>As you probably now gather, I am keen to exchange information with you. I was very pleasing to read of the deep connection between our families. It also represents a break-through for me in my research of the Lane family which was becoming a bit problematic trying to trace down via census records.<br><br>I am new to, a trial customer at present. I usually use GenesReunited, but it now appears I should subscribe to both. Is there a way of privately exchanging email addresses?<br><br>Looking forward to your reply,<br>Andrew Steel 2010-10-05 21:28:00Z steela11 /surnames.bowring/ Re: LANE - Australia /surnames.bowring/37.1.1/mb.ashx Delighted to receive your message.<br><br>Henry Wills was my gg uncle. My mother's mother Milfid Lucilla Bowring Lane was the daughter of Maynard Bowring Henley Lane, the youngest son of Odiarne Coates Lane. Both my grandmother's brothers Christopher Edgar Lane and Eric Bruce Lane emigrated to Australia in the 1920s. I have a series of letters from Christoper to his father describing his early years in Australia. Your gg grandfather was incredibly supportive and I believe, helped him to find work with his son in law Octavius Steele on a sheep farm??<br><br>It would be great to receive any information you are able and prepared to share.<br><br>Lucinda Fouch 2010-10-05 09:29:02Z LucindaFouch20 /surnames.bowring/37.1.1/mb.ashx Re: LANE - Australia /surnames.bowring/37.1/mb.ashx Henry Wills Lane was my GGrandfather. Am willing to exchange details of my information, which is decendants only. 2010-09-26 01:54:29Z steela11 /surnames.bowring/37.1/mb.ashx Re: 1880-1939 Bowring diaries found! /surnames.bowring/19.1.2/mb.ashx My name is Jim Clarke, and my great grandparents, Thomas &amp; Lucy Beakbane, were cousins of Thomas William Beakbane, who married Margaret Harvey in 1880. My records (slightly different from yours) say that Thomas &amp; Margaret's daughter Martgaret ("Manzanita"), born 1887, married Arthur Bowring in 1909. Perhaps this is an error. They had a son Thomas, born 1910, who married Patricia Schuler in 1949, and had 5 children, William Schuyler Beakbane Bowring (born 1949), Arthur Rennie (born 1951), Dorothy Margaret (born 1955) Sarah Norton (born 1958) and James Livingstone (born 1960).<br><br>I have a lot of my great grandmother Lucy's diaries, and here is what she wrote on February 2nd and 3rd, 1880: <br><br><br>February 2nd<br>Edith left at 8.20 for Mrs. Peers. At 11.26 Cousin Henry Burtt came to look at a farm “The Apothecaries Hall” and drove with us to Wrexham where he took the train to L’pool whilst we took the 2.20 to Bridgnorth to attend Thos W. Beakbane’s marriage with Miss M. Harvey, we got into the carriage with Mr. &amp; Mrs. Marquis and Harry &amp; Addie Brandreth; Uncle Edward and his party met us at Shrewsbury. In the evening Mr. &amp; Mrs. Marquis and Thos &amp; I called at Mrs. Harvey’s and Harry &amp; Addie walked with us but did not go in.<br><br>February 3rd<br>The wedding took place at Church at 11.15 after which we went to the breakfast at Mrs. Harvey’s, the Bride and Bridegroom left us at 2.20 driving to Wolverhampton for London after which the company dispersed until the “At Home” in the evening at 8 oc. which we went to until 12 oc. The day passed off very nicely and the Bride looked very pretty and tho’ not a sunny day there was no rain.<br>Annie had her day out.<br><br><br>Jim Clarke 2010-08-25 10:37:58Z jimclarke199 /surnames.bowring/19.1.2/mb.ashx Re: James Moore Bowring /surnames.bowring/10.2/mb.ashx James Moore Bowring <br>B Nov 18, 1843 Kearney, Missouri<br>D Aug 1927 Taos, New Mexico<br><br>Wife Mary Etta Newby<br>B Georgia<br>D Taos, NM<br><br>They had 8 children, many of whose decendants are still in New Mexico/Southwest. 2010-05-29 06:05:15Z melindacurley /surnames.bowring/10.2/mb.ashx Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/9.19.3/mb.ashx I am the grandaughter of Emily Bowering born Sept 1880.Herfather was Levi Bowring,born abt 1846 in Woodsford near Dorchester.His parents were Henry George Bowring and Caroline Wellman both born about 1816,Henry according to census in Wyke Regis,Caroline in Woodsford.Both were from large families so there may be a link. 2010-05-11 13:01:34Z GwendolineThorn45 /surnames.bowring/9.19.3/mb.ashx Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/9.24.1/mb.ashx do you have any details about an Ethel Blanche Bowring c 1890 daughter of unmarried Anne Bowring c 1864? 2010-05-07 20:59:33Z gloryer1 /surnames.bowring/9.24.1/mb.ashx Re: Calling all Bowring's /surnames.bowring/9.24/mb.ashx Hi..I have an origional family tree of the bowrings as I am related to sir john and have a lot of of imformation about him...please feel to contact me anytime 2010-05-07 16:31:32Z chrisbowring /surnames.bowring/9.24/mb.ashx Re: Trooper RS Bowring /surnames.bowring/23.1/mb.ashx I have seen a reference to Trooper Richard Stowell BowEring whose father was H Bowering The Manor House, Boscastle, North Cornwall who enlisted in the 8th Light Horse 5th Regiment in the Ausralian Imperial Force.<br>The records indicated tht he was killed in action on 7th August 1915 at Walkers Ridge Gallipoli Peninsula. <br>Significantly no place of burial is recorded.<br>His service record states "Killed in Action Gallipoli Peninsula (previously omitted).<br>A Special Board of Enquiry considered evidence regarding this trooper in November last and its findings were, as above. This trooper's name was accidentally omitted by Regt from previous list of missing found killed. Walkers Ridge Gallipoli Pen 7/8/15<br><br>He was taken on strength from reinforcements at Gallipoli on 5th August 1915<br>The casualty Form states that "Body Never Recovered" and this would explain (probably) why his name does not appear in the War Graves Commission Records. It is also significant that his name does not appear in the Roll of Honour??<br>He was awarded the 1914/15 Star, The British War Medal and the Victory Medal <br>Hope that this is some help<br>John Pridham 2010-04-24 06:14:14Z J_Pridham /surnames.bowring/23.1/mb.ashx Re: Henry George Bowring /surnames.bowring/ Hi,<br>I found your message whilst browsing the message board.Henry and Caroline were my gr gr grandparents.Their son Levi was my great grandfather.He married Charlotte Cox of Swanage.They raised their family in Flora Cottage,Church Hill Swanage until Levi died in a tragic accident.I have some photos and a fair bit of information that I am happy to share.<br>Regards<br>Joanne 2010-03-10 19:27:57Z GwendolineThorn45 /surnames.bowring/ Re: Charles Bowring /surnames.bowring/ I have a Henry married to Caroline and there Son Henry was my Grandfather. Sorry if this is duplicated only I pressed the wrong key!! There is a Family breakdown as an attachment<br>Rgds Roger J Bowring 2010-03-07 18:47:15Z rogerbowring /surnames.bowring/