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2.5 star rating
40 reviews
  • “Each charm is around $50-$60, so you buy two charms and you'll get your bracelet.” in 18 reviews

  • “The sale associates were also very knowledgeable of their product!” in 8 reviews

  • “I remember coming in here for the first time and they were somewhat busy that I had to list my name on the clipboard and wait my turn.” in 4 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    I never really got into Pandora. Only because its very expensive for a single charm. All the cute ones of course would cost you an arm. I lied maybe your soul and your other half's soul too. Lol!

    Despite that, my boyfriend decided I deserve a bracelet and bought me one for my birthday and Christmas. They have so many selections on charms! I wanted mines to be meaningful and every charm would have a meaning to why I bought it. I have previously looked on their website so I already knew which one I really really wanted. But while in the store I carefully looked at all the charms just Incase I wanted something else. The sales lady was nice and very patient with me. She also suggested a few.

    Pandora is everywhere so some places have exclusive charms! I got my sorcerer hat and one of the spacers from Disney world. I got very excited for those. They also have deals on certain months. They either offer discounts or you get a charm for free if you spend a certain amount. So that's good. Of course they always exclude it Disney charms. Ugh.

    Overall, I still think it's a bit expensive for a little charm that's just sterling silver. So I'll just take my time to finish my bracelet.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I was waiting all week for my day off (aka, a mental health day)... I had plans to go to Pandora to get a few charms. Got a charm for Christmas, so my husband bought me the bracelet and stoppers. I know, kind of backwards, but I always wanted a pandora bracelet so I was so happy that my friend got me a charm!
    Went to the ala Moana Store and Lily helped me. She was AWESOME! I didn't have my bracelet with me so I showed her a picture of my bracelet and she recreated it so I could visually see how the charms I picked out and the chain would look. Loved the look! Thank you, Lily! I really appreciate your excellent customer service!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I came here to exchange a ring because it was too big. The lady that helped me was extremely rude. I asked for a smaller size but they do not do quarter sizes which I was fine with I would've just wanted my ring back. But the sales lady gave me another ring saying that the ring maker sometimes makes it a bit bigger or smaller.
    When I tired on the ring it did feel smaller but the diamond was also small and flat compared to my original. But they were so busy she kept on saying "is it okay" "is it fine" even though I just put on the ring. I said it felt weird and I didn't like it but she still continues to ask until I ultimately said yes and she handed me all my things and rushed me out the door.

    This type of service I will most likely not come back.  All of the other sales associate just looked and didn't do anything. Bad service, but from the other reviews. It is a hit or a miss!

  • 3.0 star rating

    A bit disappointed---no special unique bead for Hawaii!   Was thinking for my princess since we bought one already, ready to be worn when her wrists gets fattier lol.

    On the way to Saks Fifth, left side in a corner.

    Typical size store, well-lit with good staff.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Lately, Pandora's customer service has been a hit and miss lately and today is a really big miss!!

    I just don't get it, if you're a sales associate wouldn't you want to recommend your customers some selections so you could make a sale? Not just stare at them as if they won't buy anything. No smile, no nothing!

    It's as if they pick and chose who they decide to help and noticeably, they could careless about you if you walk into the store in just shorts and a t-shirt. It doesn't help that I look really young too!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I came here today with a sale. There were a lot of people so all of the sales associates were busy attending to their customers. I had to sign my name with one lady on a sheet of paper. After waiting for 15 minutes, it was our turn with a sales associate named Desiree. From the moment she assisted us, she NEVER smiled nor did she apologized for the long wait. We were trying to exchange some items we got and she quickly said it's not possible. She'd ask her manager but still insists that there's a small chance it will be possible. Their supervisor agreed which kinda pissed her off because the customer service after that became worse. She repeatedly told my sister that whatever she's exchanging MUST be exact or higher value. My sister already had charms in mind, which was actually a higher value. I was supposed to buy some charms too but she NEVER assisted me nor did she acknowledged my presence. Instead of dealing with a bad customer experience like this and make her earn commission from my sale, I, instead, decided to sign my name up again for attendant and told the lady with the sign up sheet to "please give me a different sales associate, I do not like Desiree." The lady was nice enough to give me someone else when it was my turn.

    Even with a different sales associate, I think, with the sale and the number of customer they need to be attending, I feel very pressured during my time here at the store. The sales associate seems to rush me in picking and buying something. She quickly calculated my total amount even though I wasn't finished yet. I guess she was so pressured with the crowd and the sign up sheet.

    No matter how poor the customer service from my second sales associate is, nothing will beat how horrible I was treated by Desiree. If this store seriously wants to take care of their customers, they should either train Desiree to become better or they should let her go. With the kind of attitude I received from her, she does not belong in customer service.

  • 1.0 star rating

    As a place where you have to sell jewelry for a living, at least be welcoming to potential customers.
    The customer service was HORRIBLE!

    Went to look for a ring for my girlfriend and the person helping us wasn't in the mood of being helpful at all. She looked as she just got out of bed and she needs more rest.

    If your job is based on commissions... you best be working hard.

    Really disappointing. Go to the Pearlridge location. Worth the drive.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Went in to exchange a ring I had bought for my son's girlfriend for Valentine's Day.  Needed a smaller size. Desiree made me feel like I was trying to scam her and it took a long time to get a smaller size.  She took forever in what ever she needed to do.  She gave me a "new recipe" and kept my original receipt, but it did not have the other items listed on my original receipt that I bought.  so if one of my other items has a problem, I don't have a receipt.  She was unfriendly and probably should not be in a customer service business.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Good customer service for my first visit. Greeted and asked if help was needed less than a minute after I entered the store. Came in exactly knowing what I wanted and got it. :D Elsie was great..very patient and helpful although she didn't know the names of the rings I was looking for, she knew as I showed her picture. Will come for more visits to come. Location is in the wing near the old Nordstrom on the second floor.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in


    I'm am SUPER obsessed with Pandora! Came here tonight to grab my mom a couple more charms for Mother's Day. ( I already bought her six from Vegas!!) BROKE DA WALLET! Anyway got here at about 7:45pm store was crowded. Wasn't until one of the employees told me to sign in that I actually signed in. That was a little different since usually in Vegas you can walk up to the counter and just get an employees attention and ask what your looking for....

    I was in and out of this store in a jiffy! I believe the lady's name who helped me was terry. Thank you for helping us and getting us in and out lol. I ended up getting my mother some rose gold and a few different things, including a little something for myself.

    I love everything about Pandora and these bracelets are addicting! Each Pandora is different, so if your visiting Hawaii make sure to get an EXCLUSIVE Hawaii charm! As well as the Las Vegas Stores, and I'm sure other stores as well. Anyway you know I'll be back! :)

  • 5.0 star rating

    Went there to pick up my fiancées grandmothers birthday gift and the store was so organized and clean. The sale associates were also very knowledgeable of their product!
    I didn't even know about the warranty pandora has so I'm glad she told me about !
    It's good to know a company stands behind their product.

    Definitely will be back again to purchase for my fiancée grandmother and myself.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Oh yah, definitely avoid this place:)))

    Terrible terrible customer service. I came here twice, and each time I am pissed by their attitude. Me and my friends came wanting to buy something, but every time we felt not reconciled to spend our money that's gonna be add on to her sales.
    I mean, some of the other sales look nicer, but every time I met those who made me leaving unpleasant.

  • 1.0 star rating

    We bought exclusive Ala Moana edition necklace pendant. It is easily broken after several days of use. We went back to store to ask for a replacement. As foreigner, we did not have invoice and last purchase document with us! As this is exclusive edition for this store, there is no other location that we can purchase such product. I don't know why we still need to provide the invoice. We ask store to search from their system to validate this. The service is so awful and not friendly even with no other customer in the store. The lady tries any way to not give us the replacement. She even very rude to ask " did you wear this every day? " we just don't know what the question is for and why she is so rude. Isn't she happy and proud of the products that customer wear it daily? I will strongly recommend do not shop at this Ana Moana store. It is not worthy for any one to spend money and receive such bad service.

  • 4.0 star rating
    • 9 check-ins

    I remember it like it was yesterday. We weren't friends in the beginning, but once we crossed that line.. It was like heaven ever since.

    First Visit
    After purchasing my first bracelet and charms from a location in Waikiki, I've always wanted to visit the actual Pandora store in Ala Moana. Behold, I got that chance and my first experience was not so good. I remember coming in here for the first time and they were somewhat busy that I had to list my name on the clipboard and wait my turn. The workers had not even greeted us when we entered the store. I felt the snobbish and negative energy in this place, so I left without being helped.

    Second Visit
    I loved the product no matter what, so I decided to give them another chance. This time, they were on top of their game in customer service, product knowledge and friendliness.  The lady that helped me was super friendly and knew every single charm I had mentioned to her. She conversed with me with utmost professionalism, and took her time with me with getting two bracelets set up. I walked out of the store with two bracelets and they were nicely gift bagged. The nice thing about it? I came back during the "Spend $100 and get a free bracelet " promotion.

    Ever since then, I've been coming back here and the Waikiki location for my Pandora needs. I've been getting nothing but excellent service.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 39 check-ins

    I'm not sure why this store has such low reviews. Every time that I come here, which is a lot, the salespeople are super friendly and super helpful. Anyway, my birthday is coming up in a few days. The hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday. Of course I said, Pandora charms. I'm addicted to their bracelets and charms. It doesn't help that they keep coming out with new charms for every season and every occasion (sigh). They're running a promo this weekend. Spend a $100 in the store and get a free bracelet, which is not hard to do. Each charm is around $50-$60, so you buy two charms and you'll get your bracelet.

  • 1.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Avoid this location!!  Customer service sucks!
    The old Asian lady who helped me was rude & you can sense from the moment you interact with her that she does not want to help you. Also, she is not aware of their company policy. Don't waste your time here. Just go to the other locations!  You will get much better customer service.

  • 1.0 star rating

    We have always had a great experience at this store.  But that wasn't the case today for my husband.  He went into the store when it first opened with one other customer, today Feb 13, 2017.  As he was waiting his turn, the asst manager came out and seen some Japanese customers who came in after my husband and was walking toward them to help them.  My husband got her attention to advise her he was waiting for assistance and there first.  From then she was very rude according to my husband who has a lot of patience. But this experience really bothered him.  He felt rushed and felt like she didn't want to help him.  This experience deserves zero stars.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Don't waste your money in this location. My boyfriend and I went in and not one of the workers said hi or smiled at us. They averted gaze and pretended to do something like look at the jewelry instead. The worker helping us sounded and looked like she didn't wanna be there, didn't attempt to make any conversation with us which made the whole experience awkward, and didn't make us feel welcome at all. She didn't offer to get my ring size, nor did she offer other options and designs. She was flat out rude and my partner and I didn't appreciate the poor service one bit. It's a shame the company is wasting resources on employees like these.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've been here a few times and I've been lucky to have a great sales associate, hence the three stars. But service today was not so great, the sales lady didn't seem to care about the sale she was making instead I felt rushed through the process. She also was not helpful when I had questions about sizing, it seemed like she expected me to already know how everything works. The store was also offering a promotion of a free ornament with a $125+ purchase, but they didn't seem to be talking it up. My mom pointed it out and it was only after the transaction was over when the sales associate asked "do you want an ornament?" While waiting for the ornament I overheard another sales associate cheerfully tell a lady "you spent over $125 so you get a free ornament, you're lucky we only have a few left!" I understand holiday rushes, as I'm a sales associate also, but wish I received better customer service after spending so much. NTS, won't be back at this location for a while.

  • 5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Me and my boyfriend decided to stop by at this place to look for rings. Shelby was the one who helped us. She was very polite and friendly! She was one of the sweetest lady I've ever met! We were qualified to get a free charm and I chose the Pandora's box! Thank you, Shelby!

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