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  1. Nov 18

    "If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution." (we think)

  2. Oct 30

    We think about , different screen sizes, different user contexts, but how much do we think about the huge variety of ways in which data is *input* into devices?

  3. Oct 29

    The "1 Second Everyday" app has a beautiful purpose: to capture fleeting memories and turn them into a personal movie. "These are the moments that only you know the true meaning behind", says its creator. Can't wait to start making my own.

  4. Oct 26

    Check out this mind-blowing animated short about the history of . Took 140 hours to make. Wish I had the patience (and the skill)!

  5. Oct 22

    I was just thinking about how every decision a designer makes contributes to the product's narrative when I came across this very helpful article by . I especially love his user/hero analogy: "6 principles to improve your ."

  6. Oct 16

    "The designer’s job is to create definition where none existed before" - so true and yet so difficult to do when you're starting out! Love this article on how design tools help us accommodate an avowedly messy process.

  7. Oct 10

    Oh , what did you do to FaceTime?! So many on one screen! Happy to send you my litany of complaints if you fancy doing anything about it....

  8. Sep 26

    Who has the time to read the T&Cs for every new service they sign up to use? Thanks for doing users a massive favour and giving us synopses to simplify the legalese. UX high five ✋

  9. Aug 3
  10. Jun 25

    Not new but packed with great tips on creating intuitive signposting for mobile users. "While adaptation is a necessity, balance it with an equal focus on continuity."

  11. Retweeted
    Jun 21

    Ever heard of an equity crowdfunding campaign? We just launched one! Now listeners and podcasters - not just accredited investors - have the opportunity to invest in the future of podcasting

  12. Jun 4
  13. May 31

    "No website—or digital product—can meet its goals without considering whether the language in its interface is user-centric." highlights a big UX design trap companies often fall into.

  14. May 29

    I've been studying UX design. In a number of ways, it rather reminds me of journalism.

  15. Apr 29
  16. Retweeted
    Apr 23

    Why do people speak Welsh in Argentina, 12,000km away from Wales? In the new , I went there to find out.

  17. Feb 1
  18. Jan 17

    Sick of pink horses and bows, I wanted to make some baby t-shirts that send a strong message to my daughter about who she can be one day:

  19. Jan 16
  20. Retweeted
    Jan 4

    Bay Area Twitter after the :


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