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2.0 star rating
11 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Location, location, not as busy as many of the mall locations so they usually have whatever you're looking for.
    Staff is friendly, plus a mini waiting area with water while they clean and/or prepare your purchases.
    Store can be busy sometimes, but I've been lucky, no line, no waiting.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I have been wearing Pandora bracelets since 2010 and have only put Pandora charms on the bracelets. Have a total of 4 bracelets. Have even gone to Disney to get the exclusives. Went to the store to get my bracelets cleaned, to then be told that some of my charms are not real. Each charm has been bought at Pandora stores. So for a employee to "assume" they are fakes is not okay. I was not happy with the service. I will continue to buy from other locations.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Very slow costumer service  manager just walking around not putting in retail work . In line for 1 hour ,spending hundreds of dollars and the service is to slow and not aceptable. They need more staff  and faster turn around. Step it up PANDORA

  • 1.0 star rating

    Awful awful customer service. I went in to buy one charm and waited nearly 30 mins to make the purchase because no one acknowledged my presence or even greeted me. Beautiful store. Ugly staff. Very very unimpressed!

    Get it together Pandora!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1/1/2015 Updated review

    Beautiful store. Great staff. I've always loved my Pandora bracelet but never liked going to the mall, so I never took advantage of the free bracelet cleanings or the employees helping me build my bracelet. Eventually, I stopped wearing my bracelet because it got so dirty/worn and one charm got stuck on the bracelet. Anyways, I finally made my way over to the new Pembroke Gardens location a few days ago and one woman helped me fix my bracelet, got it cleaned, and suggested matching clips to keep my charms from bunching up.

    I had such a great experience and it rekindled my love for my bracelet, can't wait to return to this store and get more charms!

    1.0 star rating
    12/28/2014 Previous review
    I will not return to this location because of the layout. The service is terrible, not because of… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    My daughter received a Pandora leather bracelet with 10 charms on it two weeks ago. The bracelet is too large and falls off her wrist. I have never purchased anything from Pandora, but I knew they are a large company and assumed that they are also respectful in taking care of there customers. I went to the Pembroke Gardens, Pembroke Pines, FL location and as soon as I walked in it felt unwelcome. The bracelet was never worn and is in perfect condition. A short women with long dark hair inspected the bracelet for several minutes and then said I could not exchange it without a receipt. I called my friend who bought the bracelet in Ohio and was told the receipt was in the box under the black foam. I had no idea it was there, so I handed her the receipt and was told it was past the 30 days. I asked for the store manager A. Oliva, an older women, who very rudely told me that they would not exchange it and I could purchace a new one for $45. I tried to explain that it was a gift and I had no idea that the receipt was in the box nor did I have any idea of the return policy. The receipt was only 7 days over the expiration.  A friend of mine who got the same gift on the same day was able to exchange hers one day earlier without a problem in one of the GA stores. I find this whole experience to be offensive and the customer service to be horrible. The overall feel in the store was unfriendly from the minute I walked in!  
    I spoke with Pandora customer service and they were very nice on the phone, but they were unwilling to do anything to help resolve the problem. The only thing she would do was make a note that I had a problem with that store. She blamed the person who gave me the gift for not informing me of their return policy. So the only choice given to me was to purchase a new on or pay to have the other one shorten. The customer service rep could not even give me a price on what it would cost to shorten the bracelet.
    The bottom line is that Pandora cares more about money then retaining or gaining new customers!!! I have four daughters and if I was treated fairly and had loved the bracelet, I certainly would have purchased in the future. I am so offended by this company and now know that is not a good idea to purchase anything from them!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Chris was very helpful and nice. He spoke little Spanish but yet my mother in law could communicate and get what she came looking for. Now! Milly if I can recall right her name, lady you need another job not even in all my years living in Zurich, Switzerland i encountered a rude sales person like you ! But not only her also the store manager ( I suppose it was her ) they walked by me several times without even saying anything after bumping me with their elbows. I was shocked but also found it even funny how this sales ppl think they are above just because they work on a "growing" business, my jewelry are from Morellato and I never ever was treated like that in a store even tho when I used to go dress very sport as I did to this store. What's the big deal? It's very funny see this sales people looking down to their customers like I need their business, No lady you need my business, you want my money ! You need my money !

  • 5.0 star rating

    I had a very Nice and Pleasant experience at this location after a very bad experience at the Pandora Store located in The Pembroke Lakes Mall.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Worst service I've ever experienced. Waited over 30 min and was never helped or acknowledged.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I have purchased In many locations but I regularly shop at this Pandora store. I have always noted that the customer service is substandard, not friendly, but serves the purpose of purchasing as the location is convenient. Long story short. I purchased for someone out of town, lost the receipt, wasn't able to collect the piece to exchange it until 7 days after the return exchange policy.  Gratefully, the store exchanged the item for me but was so rude during the process that I do not plan to shop there anymore. I was told no, then told it was used (it's not) and then told that I needed the original bag and box I received it in(reasonable but stated nowhere, it was a gift). I was rudely explained all the options I could have used to resolve the situation and then clearly told it was a final sale. My advice is that before you insult a good customer for something that I am sure is a big issue, check their history to ensure they are a member of the offenders.

  • 1.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in
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    My boyfriend and I came in to buy some charms for his grandmother's birthday. We looked around for about 5 minutes but found exactly what we were looking for right away. We then went to the display case, where there was a blonde lady not attending anyone. We asked her a quick question & before we could finish she looked down upon us with disgust, not even looking directly at us, and gave us a very low and smug "no." She simply brushed us off and walked away, she even came out a second time and still didn't attend us. We were there at that display counter for a good 10 minutes waiting to be helped and noticed that all of the attendants and CSRs depicted to have very large delusions of grandeur because none of them seemed to want the business nor wanted to help a young hispanic couple. They all looked past us as if we weren't good enough to shop there. It wasn't until about another 10 minutes later, after that, that the cashier was able to help us (after finishing with her customer). The blonde lady could've easily helped us had she not looked down upon us like scum from the bottom of her shoe. Now, the cashier was even reluctant to help us at the beginning. We were asked for our contact information, mind you, the note pad was blank, for "when we use our credit card"(assuming we were using credit) and we said, "no, we're paying cash."  It was then that the cashier that helped us treated us nicely. Because as soon as she figured out that we're paying cash, her tone instantly changed and was very helpful! Never have I ever been so offended in my life! Why would she automatically assume that we were going to use credit just because we're hispanic and look young/ are young? I'm NEVER buying merchandise there or at any Pandora store again!

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